Banky W Denies Getting N57 Million For Buhari PR Job

Banky W Denies Getting N57 Million For Buhari PR Job

Nigerian musician turned politician Olubankole Wellington popularly known as Banky W is in the center of an ongoing controversy on Twitter over an alleged N57 million PR contract.

A certain Twitter user Miriam Shehu had accused Banky W of collecting about N57 million for a PR contract for President Buhari. The Twitter user called out Banky W while asking  the musician to come out and declare his support for Buhari in the open.

Miriam went further to say he had a photo proof of Banky W and his wife in an Arik Air heading to Abuja last December to sealed the contract.

Olubankole Wellington who is contesting for a seat in the House of Representatives in Eti Osa Federal Constituency has denied such allegations. He went further to sue his accuser for making unfounded statements against him.

Banky made his statement on Twitter.

Someone can tweet “Banky W has collected 57 million contract to do PR for Buhari” and get hundreds of retweets/believers in a few mins, without anyone actually bothering to ask for proof. It is COMPLETELY false, but noone cares for the truth.

(1)I can’t spend time engaging in a Twitter war with people who clearly don’t care about facts and truth, and prefer to push slander and lies because it makes for juicy news, regardless of who they need to drag in the dirt.

(2)I’ve called my lawyers, and sent screenshots of the latest lies and slander used against me. I hope the people who posted them are prepared to provide PROOF in court. Shey you have dragged my name in the mud again, you MUST provide proof of your accusations or you will go to jail

Instead of us to focus on infiltrating government at multiple levels, build capacity and open the door for more credible candidates to do the same, we want to hurl insults and lies at each other online on behalf of the very same leaders that have rubbished ALL of us. Shame.

(4)We are angry and frustrated at the people in power so we attack any and everyone else blindly, regardless of how completely false and outrageous it is. Classic case of “a lie travels halfway across the world before the truth has a chance to put on its shoes”.

I’m in an uphill battle, going up against the two major parties, but I believe it is one worth fighting. We need to infiltrate Govt at the community level, & build capacity. I hope to inspire others to do the same. The problem is from the top but the solution is from the bottom.

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